Training & Development

We offer a wide range of training courses, development programmes and customised in-company training.

Our programmes are developed using your own scenarios, customer types and products or services as material for discussion, role play and workshops.   A pre-course consultation with the trainer helps to identify objectives for the training and develop a course which is specifically tailored to your requirements.

Our learner-focused training workshops are highly interactive and promote learning through the use of a variety of training aids including video, role plays, group exercises, presentations and case studies.

Employment Law

Our in-house Employment Law training programme provides you with an overview of the essentials of Employment Law and an appreciation of how Employment Law principles work in practice. We introduce you to the statutory frameworks which regulate the employer/employee relationship, and work with you and your concerns and address relevant employment legislation and case law.

Interview Skills

We can help you to improve your interview skills to ensure you get the best fit for the vacancy in your business. We can also help you avoid the legal pitfalls in the recruitment process, and ensure that you and your management team are aware of the questions not to ask in the interview process.

Train the Trainer

Our Train the Trainer FETAC Level 6 Certificate programme aims to give participants the knowledge, skills and competencies to design, deliver, assess and evaluate their training programmes. This programme is ideal for those wishing to deliver in-company training or embark upon a career in training.

Discipline and Dismissals

Our in-house training programme guides management towards implementing Grievance, Disciplinary and Dismissals Procedures. We will work through the stages of how to handle grievances and the importance of using the Principles of Natural Justice throughout the Disciplinary Process.

Customer Care

Our customer care training will provide participants with skills to improve their customer service delivery. Help your staff have a competitive edge. This half day training course aims at improving customer service delivery in your workplace.