Transition Year Programmes

Our Transition Year training programmes have been carefully chosen to prepare students for a variety of work experience and be useful for years to come.

We offer a full training package of all the options below as well as offering each course individually or various combinations as a training option.   Training will take place on-site, at the students’ school and all the training equipment is supplied by our trainer.

A certificate of attendance and recognition of training will be awarded by HR & Safety Connections for each Module undertaken.

This practical 1 day programme is a practical session using a variety of different sized manikins; infant, child and adult, and includes CPR techniques and how to deal with someone who is choking. Valid for 2 years.

This half day training course covers a range of topics which give the learner confidence to risk assess manual handling tasks and perform these tasks within a workplace. Training is valid for 3 years.

Our half day Fire Safety Training emphasises the danger of fire, the importance of prevention, the necessity of urgent action when fire breaks out, and the role of the individual in reacting safely in this situation. Training is valid for 2 years.

Our half day Food Safety training programme is suitable for those with minimal or no prior food safety knowledge, and is applicable to anyone generally working or hoping to work in the area of food preparation and delivery. Valid for 2 years.