Occupational First Aid Refresher – FAR Refresher

QQI Level 5 Occupational First Aid is being reviewed and updated by HSA and PHECC  and will transition to First Aid Response (FAR),  the new education and training standard for Occupational First Aid with changes coming into effect on 01/09/2017

What is FAR?

First Aid Response or FAR is PHECC’s newest education and training standard. It’s a foundation
first aid course that trains course participants to provide first aid for a person who becomes
suddenly unwell or injured until the arrival of emergency medical services. FAR includes the
full Cardiac First Response Community standard also.  PHECC have a helpful FAQ page.

What changes will I see?

Much of the course content will remain unchanged and run over three days as previous training with a new limit of 6 students per trainer.  Occupational First Aid Refresher training as of 01/09/2017 will run over 2 days with a limit of 6 students per trainer.

Final First Aid Refresher QQI Level 5  one day training will take place in Galway on 15th August 2017.  This will be our final time running this one day course.  As of 01/09/2017 we will offer the 2 day FAR training only.

Those who already hold QQI (formerly FETAC)  Level 5 Occupational First Aid certification should attend one day Occupational First Aid Refresher Training within two years and 90 days of the date of the original training  to continue to be a certified Occupational First Aider.  On successful completion of the practical and written assessment certification is issued for a period of 2 years.

The course content for Occupational First Aid Refresher training is set by QQI and includes the following modules:

  • Unit 1 – First Aid in the Workplace
  • Unit 2 – Patient Assessment
  • Unit 3 – Respiratory Emergencies
  • Unit 4 – Cardiac First Response
  • Unit 5 – Wounds & Bleeding
  • Unit 6 – Altered Levels of Consciousness
  • Unit 7 – Musculoskeletal Injuries
  • Unit 8 – Burns and scalds, chemicals, poison, electric shock

Prerequisites: Participants must hold a current Occupational First Aid certificate.  Refresher training must be attended within 2 years of original certificate.

Assessment: Assessment at the end of course is conducted by our trainer who is on the Register of Occupational First Aid Training Providers